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Barnböcker naturvetenskap och teknik

Barn och naturvetenskap - Pi och powerbollarna ny sagobokserie i naturvetenskap -upptäcka, utforska och lära.


The characters from the book series Pi and Power Pals teaches children through music, song and dance how science and technology works.


Pi and the Power Pals Music video

Dance and sing along with the characters Max Magnet and Pi from the book series Pi and the Power Pals. This is the series' theme song with lyrics and fun dance steps so children can easily follow along.

Mia Material  Music video

Dance and sing with Mia Material from the book the Winter Race. Kids can easily accompany lyrics and fun dance steps while learning about material.

Pi and the Power Pals theme song

Sing along and learn about science and technology at the same time. 

Mia Material tune

All music can be found on Spotify and our Youtube-channel

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