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We're on a mission to spark young children´s passion for STEM and help them build the skills needed to take on future challenges. We bridge the gap between school and after school activities by making edutainment supporting the curriculum.

Our Philosophy


Children are amazing! Their brains absorb knowledge like sponges. And best of all, they are born curious. We believe the best way to introduce science to children is early in life, hence our focus is children up to 9 years old. We use a well explored way, through storytelling in books, videos, digital games and music. Simply, things that they love.


We encourage children to be curious of the world they live in and ask questions like: Why is the sky blue? Why does my hot chocolate get cold? Why does the cake get bigger in the oven? We also focus on the grownups surrounding the child by providing them with simple tools to explain STEM.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could help our children to make a better world? Some may make a difference through groundbreaking research and become Nobel Price winners. Other may make a difference by simple choices in life that minimise the negative environmental impact on our planet.

Let us all encourage all our children to bNosy!



Our team


The idea of bNosy was born in Sweden when we desperately tried to find storybooks, apps and TV-shows that would teach our young children about STEM. Our team consists of scientists, artists, game developers and teachers. In addition to that we are also a bunch of parents who want to add value to children´s lives. We decided to make a difference to future generations and start supporting parents and schools by creating STEM edutainment.


We live in a world heavily dependent on scientific inventions and we take much for granted. Inventions such as vital medicines, materials in computers, pesticides for crops, just to mention a few. At bNosy we feel a social responsibility for future generations. Generations that needs to fill industries with knowledge, make innovation grow and make choices in their everyday life in order to maintain a sustainable environment.


Our business was launched in 2016.

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