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Pi and the Power Pals app games are digital add-ons to the book series, that can also be used as stand alone app games. They are designed to encourage children 3+ in a fun and intuitive hands-on way to learn about science.


The games are available for both the Android and iOs platforms. Free to download and with no in-app purchases or third party advertising. 

MF screen shot_2.jpg
MF screen shot_4.jpg

Pi and the Power Pals - Magnet Fishing

Help Pi to collect lost items that are magnetic from the bottom of the sea with help of a magnet. Let’s see if you can figure out what items are made of magnetic material? Use the magnet´s force of attraction to collect them all.


VR screen shot_1.jpg
VR screen shot_7.PNG

Pi and the Power Pals - The Winter Race 

What materials are gadgets in your home made of? . Let’s see if you can figure out what various items contain. Are cups made of fabric? Are newspapers made of glass? Some items are even made out of more than one material. 


Barnböcker naturvetenskap och teknik

Barn och naturvetenskap - Pi och powerbollarna ny sagobokserie i naturvetenskap -upptäcka, utforska och lära.

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