Barnböcker naturvetenskap och teknik

Barn och naturvetenskap - Pi och powerbollarna ny sagobokserie i naturvetenskap -upptäcka, utforska och lära.


Pi and the Power Pals book series is about the playful, curious and resourceful Pi together with the magical Power Pals sets out on adventures and helps islanders out of trouble. Here, children ages 3-6 to learn about science and technology in an entertaining way.


Pi and the Power Pals is an educational story telling book series supported by the  school curriculum in science.

For now, the series is only available in Swedish .  The goal is to find an international publishing house and bring the products outside of Sweden. Please stay tuned for more updates on the progress. 

Pi and the Power Pals - Magnet Fishing

Pi and the Power Pals set up immediately for Benny when he is in trouble. How could he be so clumsy? And how will they manage to get everything up from the bottom of the ocean?


Join the adventure and learn about magnets. Magnet Fishing is the fist book in the series about Pi and the Power Pals. 


Pi and the Power Pals - The Winter race

Sally had almost given up when Pi and the Power Pals appears! But will they have time to fix Sally's ice racer? Or does Sally once again wish to miss the chance to be in the winter race? 

Embark on an action packed journey where you will learn about different materials and how they can be used in our daily life. 

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