bNosy wants to embrace children's natural curiosity and introduce science and technology at an early age. We believe in enabling learning dimension through different senses, as a complement to the books in the series Pi and Power Pals we have developed app-games, activity books, experiment films and music. With the help of tutorials you can create your own workshops with this concept. So far three of the nine books in the series Pi and Power Pals have been published in Swedish: the first book Magnetic Fishing teaches the reader about the concept of magnetism, the second book the Winter Race is about how different materials work and the third book focusing on sound.

The goal for 2018 is to find a international publishing house and to bring the products and concept to other markets.  

Until then why not try out our universal games Magnet Fishing or the Winter Race, educational science app games, free learning for children 3+. The games are language independent and available for IOS and Android platforms worldwide .