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Barnböcker naturvetenskap och teknik

Barn och naturvetenskap - Pi och powerbollarna ny sagobokserie i naturvetenskap -upptäcka, utforska och lära.


With the teacher's guide, bNosy wants to inspire you as a preschool teacher, teacher or parent to give you ideas and inspiration on how you can use the Pi and Power Pals series with accompanying materials. 


With the help of the guidelines you can create your own workshop around Pi and the Power Pals together with your children. .


bNosy's goal is to support home and school by offering entertaining materials supported by the science and technology curriculum. We want to take embrace children's natural curiosity and introduce these topics early. We believe in enabling learning dimension through different senses,  as a complement to the book series we developed app-games, activity books, experiments, films and music. With the help of tutorials you can create your own workshop based on the Pi and the Power Pals concept.


bNosy has been visiting schools conducting workshops all around Sweden together with our mascot dolls. It has been a great success and the feedback from kids, parents and teachers are amazing.


Do you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 


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