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The backside of digitalisation

Digital is trendy, great and practical but could also be extremely annoying, hard to control and terrible! When we did our Kickstarter campaign it was great that the news about the campaign spread fast to tens of thousands of people worldwide, leading to a successful campaign. But what if this fast travelling news is not accurate and sent unintentionally?

We send out a newsletter every 2-3 months, with relevant information, since we do not want to overload our lovely subscribers with rubbish. However, the past week all our news letter subscribers, and they are thousands, have got an unintentional email sent to them from us TWICE!!! This is almost too embarrassing to mention but I have to out this or you may think we are insane.

By some strange reason that I am unaware of, a draft newsletter was sent out to 500 of our followers today. Luckily just a small part of our subscribers, but still. My business partner in crime, Anna, had written the title below that was only intended for me to view and now 499 others have also seen it.

"bNosy nyhetsbrev mars -kolla om du tycker ok så kan jag skicka ut"

Basically it says: "bNosy newsletter March -have a look if this looks ok and I will send it"

We cannot recall this letter, it is too late, it has been sent. Anyhow, the big question is, how did this happen? To send a newsletter through WIX you must actively pass several steps and neither Anna, nor I had done this. our website creator decided to send the draft, or maybe their employee, Mrs Logarithm did it. Anyhow, It wasn't me! I promise! A similar thing happened when we were about to set up our new blog. An email about the blog was sent out to every single subscriber we have. So embarrassing and the email did not even contain a valid link to the blog. If we wouldn't already have sent out three emails this week to our subscribers I would have written an email like this:

"Dear subscriber, please do not unsubscribe, I am hiding in a bush until I figured out some really valuable content to bring to you in the next newsletter. Until then, enjoy the spring sunshine! Best wishes, Karolina"


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