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Reaching for the stars

Today I've contacted inspiring people to interview for our new podcast. I found a great bunch from preschools, science charities and other science organisations. But there are a few that will probably ignore me and not take part. However, I truly believe that it is best to aim for the stars, there is always a way to get there, it may just be a bit bumpy, and what is the worst that could happen? To be treated like air?

As a small business leader I am getting used to always chasing people so I expect no less and just have to chase a little bit more. We now know that grit is more important than IQ when it comes to reaching success. Grit is the shit! Hence, without being Einstein there is hope for success.

I somehow like to believe in the chance of unlikely things to happen. When I first set up our business in Sweden my dream was to collaborate with the National Museum of Science and Technology in Sweden and that dream actually came true through a simple email and some chasing. They thought collaborating with us was a great idea and we did several projects together, workshops, release events and believe it or not, but we even got a bNosy display in their Winter Games exhibition.

I love asking questions! Now, have a look at my Instagram message to Mr Ricky Gervais and wish me luck (oh, no, I spotted a spelling error...zzz)

"Hi Ricky, among your millon followers you will most likely not see this but since you believe in science and you are a brilliant comedian 🌟 who makes my children, me and the world a brighter place through laughter I would like to ask if you want to be interviewed by me for my upcoming podcast, Spark kids passion for science? I am a Swedish scientist, living in the UK and I run my own business where we create books, apps and more to spark kids passion for science. Looking forward to hearing if you want to be interviewed by me. Best wishes, Karolina Kjellberg"


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