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Podcast, first interview

I’ve been told that Women are good at multitasking. In my case I could have been a multitasking star if I wouldn’t leave so many tasks incomplete. Currently I am listening to three very interesting audiobooks, reading four books, writing on five different stories... a hopeless multitasker. One of these stories I am writing is the cause of this mornings frustration. I’m trying to take deep breath to avoid going mental. Wishing I had someone to blame but it is only me here. Alone at the wrong station, a few pounds less money after having had to buy double tickets, delayed to my first podcast interview and immensely tired of myself. I guess this is what happens when you during a ten minutes train journey try to write a book, post news on Instagram and do your grocery shopping online. Smartphones have indeed made our lives easier and the world more accessible but I also often feel they make me more confused, stressed and distracted. I have to carry on working on a healthier relation to my smartphone. Now I’m off to interview the first person in our new podcast where we’ll find out how others get children passionate about science. We'd like to share this information with thousands of preschool teachers that are following us on social media in Sweden. I am truly exited about this and curious to find out how others work with kids and science. Maybe one day, we could all collaborate in the work on getting children passionate about science and the impact would be so much greater. The podcast is our latest project, an important step into the English speaking market.


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