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More popular science to our children

I often wonder why there are so few popular science books for children? Could one have a better job than to spark children's passion for science? It is so much fun to communicate science through storybooks. Reading for kids is such a great way to spend time with them. Stories are true assets that bring families together, snuggling up in the sofa, listening to a story and looking at charming pictures. My favourite activity.

Reading is so much more than well-being, it also develops children's minds. It is a crucial foundation to children's educational development and their future success. They must know how to read and understand texts in order to learn maths and science. This is why our main delivery form of science is through story books.

Having travelled around and met numerous children in preschools and schools I have seen how a storybook can spark their passion for science. It is amazing to see the numerous curious questions and intelligent observations about science that the book creates. It goes without saying that children are natural scientists. They absorb knowledge like sponges absorb water. The only limitation for their learning is us, grownups. We just have to keep up and ensure that this passion for science is not lost along the way. We need our children to be the bright minds of the future, the ones who solves global environmental problems, develops better and new medicines, among other things both on a small and large scale.

Science is all around us, science is fun, science is necessary and we need young minds to be passionate about science.

But there are too few popular science books for children. There are many beautiful, fun and inspiring non-fiction books about science for kids but just a few fiction ones. However, there are tons of other great children's books, charming, richly illustrated on the front shelves in the book stores. When it comes to educational fiction there is an overflow of ABC and 123 books but books with a touch of science are often tucked away in a remote corner of the bookstores. Often on the non-fiction shelves and rarely on the fiction shelves. I want to change this and bring more popular science to our children, both through writing new books and promoting others doing this. Hence, I will post book recommendations of books about science for children, both fiction and non-fiction. Hopefully this will inspire you to read more of this kind of books with your children.


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