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Book editing for the UK market

Crazy how errors on pages keep appearing. An extra word in the text, one finger missing on an image. I like to save paper and trees by printing as a final step. However, at the end printing on paper is crucial to spot the errors and BW is a good start to keep inc costs down. Some errors I discovered while reading on the screen, others when looking at the printed paper, but some remained hidden until I read the books out loud to my children.

Today I am working on the final adjustments in the English version of our three books. My business partner Anna and I send comments back and forth between us and I make the adjustments in Indesign. The pdf:s will soon be ready to send off to print. The first editions of Pi and the Science Pals... How exciting!!! We will start by printing a few copies and that will enable us to present our books to find interesting collaborations. I am so excited and curious to see how we are going to make them a success in the UK.


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