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Promo video Pi and the Power Pals 2

Promo video Pi and the Power Pals 2

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Pi and the Power Pals 2 - The Winter Race

The newest addition to Pi and the Power Pals educational game series for young children. Free learning. Explore, Play and Learn.

Pi and the Power Pals is a game series designed to have fun, at the same time inspire kids to explore science and technology in a hands-on way. With a smooth and steady difficulty curve it will challenge the thinking process. 

The Winter Race focuses on the field of materials. The gamer will learn how to distinguish between an object and the material of which it is made, identify and separate everyday things into everyday materials. 

Help Pi and the team to win the annual winter race by building a snow racer. Which materials should be used? Let’s see if you can figure out what items are made of what material. It gets tricky since some items are made of more than one material. The characters in the game are from the book series Pi and the Power Pals. 

Recommended ages: 3-6

- Free to download and available for iOS and Android 

- No in-app purchases 
- No third-party advertising
- Multi-language, works in all languages since no spoken words or written text in app, information in English/Swedish
- Amazing original artwork

Screen shots: 

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