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Barn och naturvetenskap genom pyssel upptäcka, utforska och lära.

bNosy wants to take advantage of children's natural curiosity and introduce science and technology at an early age. We believe in enabling learning dimension through different senses, as a complement to the books in the series Pi and Power Pals we have developed app-games, activity books, experiment films and music. With the help of tutorials you can create your own workshops with the concept. So far two of the nine books in the series Pi and Power Pals have been published in Swedish: the first book Magnetic Fishing teaches the reader about the concept of magnetism and the second book the Winter Race is about how different materials work.

The goal for 2017 is to find a international publishing house and to bring the concept worldwide.  



Pi och Powerbollarna

We make fiction books that support the science curriculum.


Our first book in the series Pi och Powerbollarna, our flagship childrens book series, will be released in spring 2016 through


Introducing Pi och Powerbollarna (Pi and the Power Pals) 

Pi is energetic and curious, and lives on a remote island mainly inhabited by mosquitos and snakes. Pi spends most time helping people on the island out of trouble. When Pi does not manage to solve problems the magical friends, Powerbollarna, are always there to help.

We look forward to sharing the adventures of Pi and Powerbollarna with you all!

Pi och Powerbollarna are created to support school and parents who want children to learn about chemistry and physics in a fun way. The conceptual science content in the series is inspired by the science curriculum in the UK, Finland and Sweden. In each book, children are introduced to a new science area. 

Our first game based on Pi och Powerbollarna will be released in spring 2016.

Kids love digital games and there are a lot of great ones on the market but too few focus on science. We make digital games based on the characters in our books. We want kids to focus on having fun while learning science, therefore our games will not have any in-app purchases or advertising.


bNosy Pi och powerbollarna


bNosy makes videos of children carrying out short, easy and fun experiments.

Some of the experiment ideas are our own but the majority of our experiments are sourced from great experiment books and web sites.


Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe:



Thanks to our generous sponsor, Epidemic Sound (, we have great music in our videos. Epidemic Sound have an impressive online music library with over 25K high-quality tracks used worldwide in great entertainment.

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